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Acapulco Gold Strain for Sale

Acapulco Gold Strain is a hybrid cannabis composed of 80% sativa and 20% indica. Acapulco Gold Strain is a very well known weed in the cannabis industry. Acapulco Gold Strain | Acapulco Gold | Buy Acapulco Gold Strain Online | Acapulco Gold Strain for Sale

Alien Kush Strain Sale

Alien Kush strain is a powerful child strain of Las Vegas Purple Kush and Alien Dawg. Alien Kush is an impeccably adjusted hybrid - half sativa and half indica - and has a THC level of around 14%. A spacey strain results in a marginally hallucinogenic, and infrequently more sativa-predominant mixture sensation.

Blue Cheese Strain for Sale

Blue Cheese strain is a delicious and sweet strain with a distinctively cheese-like aftertaste. Blue Cheese strain is a blend of earth and blueberry to help you cool down the cheesiness to your taste. This strain is perfect for those who require a few minutes of calm, as it can provide the feeling of complete happiness, relaxation, or even a slight feeling of sedation as the time goes by.

Blue Dream Strain for Sale

Blue Dream Strain is a marijuana that has 60% sativa and 40% indica. Blue Dream Strain belongs to the hybrid family and originates from California. This 24% THC and 2% CBD bud is a perfect cross between Haze and Blueberry. Blue Dream | Blue Dream Strain | Blue Dream Strain for Sale | Buy Blue Dream Strain Online

Blueberry Strain for Sale

Blueberry Strain is often thought of as a popular strain that lacks an intriguing and memorable name and an evident flavor profile. Blueberry Strain being an extremely basic cannabis isn't a reason to hinder it from being one of the tops. Blueberry was first developed in the 1970s, when American breeder DJ Short was crossbreeding landrace strains that were strains that evolved and developed in the wild with no human interference. The final strain was named Blueberry because of its clean and constant taste of fresh blueberries.

Cannatonic Strain for Sale

Cannatonic strain was made by Resin Seeds and is apparently a decent cross breed. Cannatonic strain has top-rack parentage since it is a cross of G13 Haze and MK Ultra. It has been recommended that this strain began the whole CBD development in Europe. We've no thought assuming that is valid, however it is a well known therapeutic strain around there. Cannatonic has likewise won Cannabis Cup awards all over the planet for best concentrate and best CBD plant.

Chemdawg Strain for Sale

Chemdawg Strain is an extremely potent and awesome strain with a huge fan base due to its mind-blowing cerebral effect. Chemdawg Strain has a moderate amount of THC, and it is a potent and powerful high that will knock you out quickly, making it ideal for people who have no time to go through. Chemdawg is also a chemical and sour smell that has the scent of pine and diesel.

Cherry Pie Strain for Sale

Cherry Pie Strain is a strong indica (up to 80%) predominant hybrid that is a cross of Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple. Cherry Pie Strain with such rockstar guardians, one would anticipate that this strain should be first rate quality, and when you get it from the right source, you will not be disheartened.

Cinderella 99 Strain for Sale

Cinderella 99 Strain is an 85% Sativa dominated cannabis. Cinderella 99 Strain is one of the cannabis plants whose origins are known but not breeders. It is a delicious cannabis plant very well known by cannabis smokers. It has a high level of THC (20%).

Death Star Strain for Sale

Death Star Strain is a hybrid composed of 75% Indica and 25% Sativa. Death Star Strain is a weed which rumors indicate that the origins of this name are said to have something to do with the American movie star war. Death Star Strain | Buy Death Star Strain Online | Death Star for Sale

Do-Si-Dos Strain for Sale


Do-Si-Dos Strain is an indica-dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa). Do-Si-Dos Strain was made by crossing the fragrant Girl Scout Cookies and Indica, Face Off OG. It's an impactful and balanced strain whose impacts will quite often endure longer than normal. With THC levels coming to anyplace among 19% and a mind blowing 30%, the Do-Si-Dos strain can be powerful - in any event, for experienced weed clients.

Do-Si-Dos strain | Dosi Doe strain | Buy Do-Si-Dos  Strain Online

G13 Strain for Sale

G13 strain, Also called 'Government Indica Strain 1', is an indica-leaning strain popular for its joyful and tranquil high. G13 strain is extremely earthy and piney, so it's a great choice if you like strains' natural and herbal taste. Additionally, it is a popular strain within the medical marijuana community. It can be a godsend to treat muscle spasms, migraines, and joint discomforts.

Gelato Strain for Sale

Gelato strain is a smooth woody strain that combines flowery lavender and earthy notes that change into berries and citrus upon exhale. Gelato marijuana strain improves spirits and mood and help create a sense of creativity with intense concentration. Gelato is also utilized for numerous chronic ailments, making it a good option for medicinal marijuana.

Golden Goat Strain for Sale

Golden Goat strain is a hybrid sativa-dominant breed with a 65:35 sativa to Indica proportion. Golden Goat strain is eminent for its lively, bright appearance and its mouth-wateringly sweet, tropical smell. This strain is a cross of Island Sweet Skunk and the Hawaiian Romulan strain. The Hawaiian impacts are staggeringly predominant with the strain's sweet, fruity, and tropical flavor profile.

Gorilla Glue #4 Strain for Sale

Gorilla Glue #4 strain was created by GG Strains and is a cross of Sour Dubble, Chocolate Diesel, and Chem's Sister. Gorilla Glue #4 strain is a multi-award winning strain, having come out ahead of the pack in both the Michigan and Los Angeles 2014 Cannabis Cups, as well as accomplishing an honor at the esteemed High Times Jamaican World Cup.