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Feminized Weed Seed, are genetically modified to produce only female plants. Just like human beings, a cannabis seed will produce a male or female plant. The entire process is determined by the X and Y chromosomes. A plant with two X chromosomes will become female, and the one with both X and Y chromosomes becomes male. At our seed bank, we offer a different assortment of weed strains and give you the freedom to choose. We have feminized marijuana seeds that have the ability to produce male flowers, so you don’t have to worry about fertilization.

How To Grow Feminized Cannabis Seeds Indoors

Start by germinating your seeds. Place them between moist paper towels or use an Easy Start tray to boost germination rate.

Once seedlings develop a few nodes, transplant them into their final pots and place them into your grow tent. You’ll need to manage light, humidity, and water to ensure successful growth and flowering. To switch the phase of your plants’ development, you’ll have to adjust light and dark hours accordingly:

  • Seedling: 20 hours of light, 4 hours of darkness (20/4)
  • Vegetative phase: 18/6
  • Flowering phase: 12/12

Photoperiod cannabis plants react to light as they would in nature, vegetating during the spring and summer months, before blooming as the daylight hours fade towards autumn. As an indoor grower, your job is to replicate those conditions.

The average time from seed to harvest is around 3.5 months, but this varies according to the flowering time of your strain, and when you choose to make the switch from veg to bloom.

How To Grow Marijuana Seeds Feminized Outdoors

After germinating your seeds, keep your seedlings on a warm windowsill or in a greenhouse. When they outgrow their original container, transplant them into their final pot or a spacious garden bed. Most outdoor growers plant seeds in early spring, once the threat of frost is gone.

Reasons you should buy feminized weed seed in our shop

  • One reason you should consider buying the feminized marijuana seeds from us is their quality. You will be surprised by the yields that their plants will produce. The weed seeds for sale in our store are all hybrid quality. Plants from seeds in our store will give more yields compared to the synthetic ones. For those allowed to plant the seeds for medical purposes, our feminized weed seeds are the best for you. They will cater for all your weed needs. The yields are enough to satisfy the needs of a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Our store caters for all your marijuana needs. We know as a stoner you don’t only need weed seeds but also some pot to get high. Getting high on pot is a fun way of spending your leisure time. It helps you to relieve all the pressures of life that you are going through as a human being. For those people with something stressing them, smoking a joint helps your brain relax and relieve you the stress. If you work for long hours and find it hard to get some sleep, then trying marijuana is a good idea for you. Smoking a joint with friends can be a good way to socialize. You get to discuss things going on in their life. Smoking marijuana can be useful for people with a poor appetite too. Weed will bring all the munchies to your dining table.
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